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The origin and development of the Catholic Church at Kurji, Patna Bihar, is bounded up with the founding of St. Michael’s School, Kurji. In 1855, Nov 29 a piece of property (7 bighas) was purchased at Kurji, by Capuchin Bishop Athanasius Zuber, Vicar-Apostolic of Patna. He then built a small church in the campus. The church, was named "Sacred Heart Church" began as a chapel for the school within the school campus with priest’s residence attached to it. The chapel served as a mass centre of Bankipur Parish for several decades. A new church structure in the southern campus of the school (across the road), at the present site, was built in 1975. Re-named as Queen of the Apostles' Church, Kurji, it was blessed in 1977 and became an independent parish in 1977. Looking back at the history, we find that, in 1921, Mar 21, the First American Jesuits arrived at Patna, and were put up at Kurji House. Fr. Thomas Kelly, SJ was the first Jesuit appointed to Kurji and became in-charge of Khagaul Church also. Besides, boys and staff at St. Michael’s, there were 20 Indian Christians and 10 other parishioners.

In 1977, Nov 20, the church was blessed by Bishop Augustine Wildermuth, SJ and named as "Queen of the Apostles’ Church". Grotto in St. Michael’s campus was shifted to the Church campus. Hartmann School was re-located in the same campus in 1977.

Fr. Anthony Panangatt of Patna Diocese became the first parish priest. He emphasized spiritual approach, gave less of material help. He started group retreats, Group Masses, First Communion and marriage preparations, organized charismatic renewal programmes. Subsequently, Frs. Gregory Thekkel, Devasia Chirayil, James Amakkatt, Henry Rebello, SJ, Pat Rebeiro, SJ, Jerome Durrack, SJ, Vincent Francis, SJ, Gregory Gomes, SJ, and Johnson Kelakath SJ, served as the parish priests. At Present Rev. Fr. Raymond Cherubim, S.J. is the parish priest appointed in June,2018.

The seed of faith which was sown in 1855 has grown and has become a huge tree now. At present the parish has almost ten thousand and more catholic population, spread in about ten kilometers radius. Kurji parish has become the largest and the biggest parish of the Archdiocese of Patna.

In about ten kilometers radius. Kurji parish has become the largest and the biggest parish of the Archdiocese of Patna.

1. XTTIMariyamTola: This is about five kilometers from the Parish. This area is spread upto Nasariganj where most of the people are economically from very poor background. Many are daily laborers. There would be around Two hundred families in this area.

2. Bans Kothi: Bans Kothi is around three Kilometers away from the Parish. Probably this is the oldest Christian Community in our parish. Here again the people are very poor economically and are daily wage workers. There are around three hundred families in this zone.

3. Fair Field Colony: This is the most literate group of people in the parish. Many people here belong upper middle class and have rather a decent house to live in. This area is around three kilometers away from the parish and has around Three hundred families in it.

4. Ganga Vihar Colony: Adjacent to Fair Field Colony, there is rather new colony called Ganga Vihar Colony. There are about one hundred Catholic families in this area and they belong to middle class society. This is again spread in four kilometers radius from the parish.

5. Shivaji Nagar: Shivaji Nagar is around Three Kilometers away from the Parish. People here belong to different religions. This is also a fast growing place. There are around Two hundred families in this area.

6. Kurji Balupar: This is around Two kilometers away from the parish. Probably this is the poorest Christian community of our parish. Most of the people are from daily wage working class. But their faith is very strong. In number there are around Two Hundred Catholic families here.

7. KothiaVikas Nagar: Beyond Kurji Balupar is Vikas Nagar zone. There are around one hundred Christian families in this zone. It is around five kilometers away from the Parish. The people here are from middle class society.

8. Magadh Colony: Magadh Colony is about 7 kilometers away from the parish. This is the most thickly Christian populated place and the people are from mixed group of middle and lower middle class society. There are around four hundred Catholic families in this zone.

9. Makhdumpur: This is around five kilometers away from the parish and has about one hundred catholic families in here. The people are from middle class society and most of them have migrated from other states of India.
In the parish we have people from different cultural backgrounds coming from different states of India. There are tribals from Jharkhand, and Assam and Dalits from neighboring parishes of the Archdiocese of Patna. There are a good number of people from Bettiah Diocese and there are some Anglo-Indians in this Parish.
The parish is very vibrant and active in faith and worship. Majority of the parishners are from poor and lower middle class families. We need to take care of the spiritual needs of the people by providing the sacraments. We have many sick and suffering in the parish. We have to take care of them too by providing the sacrament of reconciliation and reaching the holy communion to their homes. We have time to time area masses Rosary and communion services in different localities in the parish. We have lots of children going to different schools in and around the parish. We need to cater to their spiritual needs too by providing the catechism to them in their areas. There is a huge number of catholic youths in our parish. Some are working, some are studying at the same time there is a big number of unemployed youth in the parish. We have to do something for them too.

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Rev. Fr. Raymond Cherubim S.J.
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