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Parish Priest’s Message

We are very happy to launch the website of Queen of the Apostles’ Church Kurji, Digha Ghat Patna 800 011. It has been my long cherished dream to make our parish electronically available to the parishners. With the launching of the website, I am sure, many people would be able to access it and come to know about the parish and the different activities in the Parish and would be able to facilitate different informations regarding mass and other sacraments in the Church. I am grateful to the Franciscan Solutions team members who have worked hard and developed this site and would continue to update it whenever it is required.
A new era now beckons to us. We can least afford to rest contented on our past glories and achievements. The progress of any enterprise, organization, institution diocese or a Parish, is to listen to the vibrant, resonating beating of the drums of change, and to synchronize our steps to the beat of the drums.
No doubt change and innovation is the hallmark on which progress is built in today’s technological world.Mindful of this, the Kurji Parish has ushered in change in the Parish activities of its management, ceremoniously and formally. It has with faith and confidence been entrusted into the capable and efficient hands of the Parish Council Members and the Youth Group. We have made the Sunday Catechism classes compulsory for all the children from class one to ten of our Parish. The number of our children is almost 450 as of on November, 2018. The Youth Group members have been rejuvenated and enthusiastic about their contribution in building up the Church. Similarly the Mahilasangh, the VyaskSangh, the Vincent D-Paul Society and many others.They are very dynamic and enterprising and highly efficient.
We have formed the Grievance cell committee, Graveyard Committee and the Finance Committee from among the Parish Council Members. These measures have well equipped us and preparedus to boldly and adroitly face the many challenges of the new era.
We rightly realize that we have to increase our flexible response to change. These measures of ours, we are sure will stimulate creativity, innovation and productivity within the Parish. It will prove that it will be relatively easy to establish a degree of team-work, co-operation between groups of people and thus will infinitely help to develop a high-performance and better relationship among the parish members and institutions.
Such a measure will definitely establish a very comprehensive and efficient line of communication with our parishners, help us in decision making, muster cohesiveness, raise the morale of the people, create a vibrant atmosphere, and raise the standards of our children and consequently of our Parish. We wish all our parish members God’s choicest blessings and our prayerful support for all of you.
God bless us All
Rev. Fr. Raymond Cherubim S. J
Parish Priest

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